Collection of videos, tutorials and content to share the most crucial things about transforming school estates and the built environment to reduce energy and heating consumption. Preparing pupils for the Net Zero Transition.

    1. Lesson 1: Overview

    2. Lesson 2: Learning Objectives

    3. Lesson 3: Requesting new data from a sensor URL in Python

    4. 3.1: Create a new file in python named

    5. 3.2: Adding Comments within files

    6. 3.3: Request data from sensor using pytho

    7. 3.4: View sensor data in JSON format

    8. 3.5: Interpreting data in json format

    9. 3.6: Copying, editing and saving JSON formatted data

    10. 3.7: Download and install Firefox web browser

    11. 3.8: Visualising JSON formatted data in Firefox

    12. 3.9: Learning how to extract Temperature data from JSON forma

    13. 3.10: Assigning temperature data into a variable

    14. Lesson 4: Collecting more data from the atmospheric sensor

    15. 4.1: Extracting Air Pressure from JSON formatted data

    16. 4.2: Extracting Battery Voltage from JSON formatted data

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  • 15 Lessons
  • Short Video Intro's To Each Module with Step By Step How To Guides

Preparing your pupils for the Green Skills and Net Zero Transition