Collection of videos, tutorials and content to share the most crucial things about transforming school estates and the built environment to reduce energy and heating consumption. Preparing pupils for the Net Zero Transition.

    1. Lesson 1: Overview

    2. Lesson 2: Learning Objectives

    3. 3: Running python programs from the Terminal

    4. 3.1: Open the Terminal and navigate to your project’s directory

    5. Lesson 4: Finding the directory path to applications and python programs

    6. 4.1: Open the Terminal and navigate to your project’s directory

    7. 4.2: Finding an application or file within a directory

    8. 4.3: Narrowing down file search results using the Terminal command grep

    9. Lesson 5: Using the terminal text editor nano

    10. 5.1: Create a new file using nano

    11. 5.2: Saving files in nano

    12. Lesson 6: Learn how to create scheduled tasks in cron

    13. 6.1: Running cron for the first time

    14. 6.2: Setting when to run cron task

    15. 6.3: Entering the command for a cron task

    16. 6.4: Creating a complete cron entry

    17. 6.5: Saving and viewing cron table entries

    18. 6.6: Checking to see if cron is working

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  • Short Video Intro's To Each Module with Step By Step How To Guides

Preparing your pupils for the Green Skills and Net Zero Transition