The Energy Games

Part 1

    1. Another Energy Game.

    2. Unused/dormant renewable energy sites

    3. George the 21st Century Net Zero Transitioneer®

    4. 100,000 UK Homes running on Micro-Hydro Electric Renewable Energy

    5. 1 Million UK Homes Run on Micro-Hydro Electric Renewable Energy

    6. The National Grid is 10% Energy Efficient...

    7. Our Daily Bread?

    8. Keeping warm or going hungry

    9. The Energy Game

    10. The sepia of Autumn

    11. Talent hits a target

    12. The Energy Game - EROI

    13. William George Armstrong

    14. The world is running out of Energy

    15. Modern Net Zero Transitioneer®

    16. Global hydropower potential

    17. In tandem, the Quantum Computer and Ordinance Survey map

    18. Grid Efficiency: An Opportunity to Reduce Emissions

    19. 2 major problems effect the price of energy and its availability

    20. Innovation ladders, Business as Usual Snakes, The paradigm shift

    21. Which is the Problem to which ARIA is the solution

    22. The Energy Game

    23. The Energy Answer

    24. The Energy Game

    25. The Energy Games (V2) Quiz

The Energy Games by Robert Mackay

The Energy Games