Net Zero Transitioneers: Transition In The Kitchen Lab Juniors

(Scheme of Work)

    1. The Glaitness School Transition Lab

    2. Exploring the way to Net Zero

    3. Do you understand the Climate Change, Carbon Emissions Problem?

    4. Imagination Exploration

    5. Scientists Warnings about Global Warming

    6. Slow Down!

    7. We must take action now!

    8. The Monkey Trap

    9. Net Zero Transitioneers® Kids Explorers

    10. Transition Lab

    11. Imagination Time Travel

    12. Step 1

    13. Step 2

    14. What is the problem with what we are doing?

    15. Step 3

    16. How do we test out ideas?

    17. Step 4

    18. What is it like in 100 years?

    19. Our School Net Zero Transitioneers® Project

    20. When we have a big problem, we need to be able to see the whole picture.

    21. The Mission

    22. Map Your Route to School

    23. School Trip Data

    24. Online Tools

    25. The Kids’ Playground for Change

    26. Net Zero Carbon Drawdown

    27. Project Notes

    28. Net Zero Transitioneering® and Net Zero Transitioneers® Teachers with Susan Krumdieck

About this course

  • 10 Lessons
  • 17 Minutes of Video Content

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