Net Zero Transitioneers®:

Teacher Training Part 1

    1. Lesson 1: Welcome to the Course, Meet Prof Susan....

    2. Lesson 2: Meet your Fellow Learners! - Discussion

    3. Lesson 3: About this Course (Article)

    4. Lesson 4: Weekly Focus: What You Will Learn each Week (Article)

    5. Lesson 5: Assessment Information (Article)

    6. Lesson 6: Introducing Energy Transition! Why Energy Transition Matters (Article)

    7. Lesson 7: Narratives around Economic Growth and Sustainability (Discussion)

    8. Lesson 8: Building A Positive Future! Introduction to the Unsustainability of Continued Growth (Article)

    9. Lesson 9: The Limitations of Growth (Video)

    10. Lesson 10: The Culture of Growth and the Issue of Carbon Dioxide Accumulation (Article)

    11. Lesson 11: Economic Growth and Energy (Article)

    12. Lesson 12: Wrap Up Of Part 1! Week 1 Quiz

    13. Lesson 13: Celebrate and Reflect! (Discussion)

    14. Net Zero Transitioneering® and Net Zero Transitioneers® Teachers with Susan Krumdieck

Net Zero Transitioneers® Teacher Training

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