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    1. Lesson 1: Setting up a Raspberry Pi for Secure Shell (SSH) Remote

    2. 1.1 Installation of Raspberry Pi Operating System (OS)

    3. 1.2 Home Router configuration for Static IP Address

    4. 1.2.1 Access Home Router Configuration Software

    5. 1.2.2 Port Forwarding Configuration on the Home Router for SSH remote access

    6. 1.3 Creating Public and Private Keys on the Raspberry Pi for SSH remove access

    7. 1.3.1 Copying files from user computer to Raspberry Pi using Secure Copy (SCP)

    8. 1.3.2 Copying Public key on Raspberry Pi to .ssh directory

    9. 1.3.3 Configuring Secure Shell (SSH) on the Raspberry Pi

    10. 1.3.4 Using SSH on a Remote computer to access the Raspberry Pi

    11. 1.4 Fun things to do using SSH in the Terminal

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