Privacy Policy

We are committed to ensuring your privacy is protected and maintained at all times while using our services. This privacy policy explains what information we collect, how we protect any information you submit to us, and how we use it. Our privacy policy is not limited to our website or online services, any personal data collected through any means will be handled in accordance with this policy. This includes personal data shared for example, through emails, phone calls or meetings with staff. We may amend this policy from time to time by updating this page and therefore suggest you check this page to ensure you are aware and happy with any amendments. 

For visitors to our website, we have structured this site so that, in general, you can visit our website without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information. 

For clients, once you choose to provide us with personally identifiable information (any information by which you can be identified), you can be assured that it will only be used to support your customer relationship with us. 

What information do we collect? Personal information may be collected from you in various ways, when you sign up for our services.  You provide us with both contact and payment information. Contact information for: 

contract administrators includes your name, your school title, name of your school, your school email address and phone number. Payment information typically includes your billing information. 

staff who are taking our training includes your name and your school email address. 

While you are a client, we manage information with regard to your account status, choice of services and customer logs. In addition, we may store clients’ emails and other communications as a necessary incident to the transmission and delivery of those communications.

In addition, the following personal information may be collected in various ways: Information about your computer or device and about your visits to and use of this website and our services. This information includes your browser, IP address, approximate location and the way you interact with our website. This information is also collected through our use of Cookies, and you should see our Cookie Policy for further information. When you register voluntarily and provide information in response to forms, surveys or newsletter registrations (such as your name, email address and any other details which you provide). When you conduct activities on our site for example, when you sign in or update your account details we collect your name and contact details. 

How is the information used?  We use the contact information you provide us to establish our service for you. We use payment information for payment processing purposes only. We create and maintain other information such as customer account records, choice of services, and customer logs in the normal course of providing our services. We will not disclose customer personal and account information unless we have reason to believe that disclosing such information is necessary to identify, make contact with, or bring legal action against someone who may be causing harm or interfering with our rights or property, our clients, or others, or where we have a good-faith belief that the law requires such disclosure. We also will not, except for reasons stated below, disclose to third parties the contents of any electronic mail or other electronic communications that we store or transmit for our customers. The circumstances under which we will disclose such electronic customer communications are when: it is necessary in order to provide service to the customer; it is necessary to protect our legitimate interests and our customers; it is required to cooperate with interception orders, warrants, or other legal processes that we determine in our sole discretion to be valid and enforceable; and it is necessary to provide to a law enforcement agency when the contents are inadvertently obtained by us and appear to pertain to the commission of a crime. We disclaim any intention to censor, edit, or engage in ongoing review or surveillance of communications stored on or transmitted through its facilities by customers or others. We will, however, review, delete, or block access to communications that may harm us, our clients or third parties. The grounds on which we may take such action include, but are not limited to, actual or potential violations of our Terms of Use and Honour Code. 

Clients may opt out of receiving newsletters and/or notices of new or upgraded products from us by submitting a request. In this request, customers must identify their account and contact information. Please note, however, that we reserve the right to send bulletins and other important information regarding the delivery and facilitation of our services at our discretion. 

In addition we use collected personal information to understand your needs and provide you with a better quality of service, and in particular for the following reasons: 

To supply to you services purchased or in use by you: 

For statistical purposes and analysis in order to administer our service and improve our products and services; 

For internal record keeping and administrative purposes, and to inform you about our events, services, or products, or other related information that we think would be of interest to you as previously explained; 

To communicate marketing messages, newsletters and details of our business or the businesses of carefully selected third parties and partners which we think may be of interest to you by post, email, telephone, social media or similar technology (you can inform us at any time if you no longer require marketing communications); 

From time to time, we may also use your information to contact you for market research purposes or to customise the website according to your interests. 

Your information will not be disclosed to any third party unless you have given your express and prior consent to such disclosure. 

You may at any time ask us to refrain from sending you marketing messages by informing us accordingly. If we contact you with a non-essential outreach by email, each time you receive a message you will also have the option to decline to receive further information of that type from us. If you would like us to destroy information we hold about you, please let us know. However, please note that if you use any of our services which require you to provide personal information, deleting our records may mean that you will need to resubmit it to continue using our services and result in the termination of your service without refund, compensation or reimbursement. 

We may disclose aggregate statistics about our site visitors, clients and sales in order to describe our services to prospective partners, advertisers and other reputable third parties and for other lawful purposes, but these statistics will include no personally identifying information. 

GDPR & Data Protection Compliance. We take all necessary steps in ensuring the safety and protection of all personal, confidential and sensitive data. eduCCate Global is fully compliant with the regulations of GDPR. Under the EU General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Act, you may exercise your rights at any time including: 

Right to Access. Under GDPR you have the right to access any personal data concerning you and where and for what purpose the concerned data is being processed. 

Subject access: Requests should be submitted to [email protected] 

Right to be Forgotten: Individuals also hold the right to be forgotten, upon request, we will permanently delete and remove all personal data. 

Data Portability: Under GDPR you have the right to request access to any personal data and transmit it to another data controller. 

Security: To protect your personal information, we take reasonable precautions and follow industry best practices to make sure it is not inappropriately lost, misused, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed. We are not responsible for any information stored by third party services which we use, for example, payment gateways. We, therefore, urge you to read and understand their security statements and privacy policies. If we feel your information is at risk we maintain and reserve the right to delete any personal information we feel is at risk as a precautionary measure or in the unlikely event such data becomes compromised. Should your personal information be breached then we will notify you within 72 hours. It is your responsibility to ensure we have the up to date contact details and check that your email has not filtered out any communications from us. In addition, to maintain your account security we recommend you take the following measures to use a complex password of at least 8 characters with a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. We recommend you should change your password at least once every three months. Never disclose or share your password or account details with another person. Once more, our team will never ask you for your password and will only ever ask you to verify the security details on your account. 

Enforceability. In order to make this privacy policy valid and enforce the privacy policy for yourself you must: 

Ensure you provide us with the correct and all up to date personal information at all times

Contact us if you are unsure about any aspect of this or any other policies and/or what the policy entails 

Check this and our other policies regularly to see any modifications or adjustments 

Agree not to hack or attempt to breach the security of this website or any of our services 

Agree not to provide false information or any information that is not of your own. 

Agree not to make false, illegal, detrimental, damaging or inaccurate claims about eduCCate Global. 

Represent that you are at least 18 years of age and have read and accepted the Terms of Use Agreement. 

Failure to adhere to this policy or carry out your duties to enforce the policy will result in the immediate termination of your services without refund, compensation or reimbursement and may at our discretion incur additional action including but not limited to legal action or prosecution. 

Further Information: Our Privacy Policy details how we protect your privacy rights, handle and use data shared with us. By continuing to use our website and/or services you agree to the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy. If you require further information regarding our Privacy Policy you can contact us by email at [email protected]

Cookie Policy

We are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy rights. By continuing to use our websites, platforms and related services you agree too and accept our Cookie Policy. Our Cookie Policy can be accessed at 

What are Cookies? The use of cookies is common practice, cookies are tiny files that are downloaded and stored by your device in order to improve your user experience. Our policy describes the information cookies collect, how we use it, and why we sometimes need to store these cookies. We will also share how you can prevent these cookies from being stored should you wish, however, this may affect elements of functionality. 

You can prevent the use of cookies on your device by adjusting the settings on your web browser (see your browser provider for help on how to do this). Be aware that disabling cookies will disrupt the functionality of this website and the services we deliver. If you choose to disable cookies and encounter any problems whilst using our services you may void any rights to refund, compensation or otherwise reimbursement.  It is recommended that you leave on all cookies if you are not sure whether you need them or not in case they are used to provide a service that you use. 

How do we use Cookies? We use cookies for a variety of reasons as detailed in this policy. Cookies enable the delivery of our website’s content while allowing us to improve your user experience and ensure that we deliver a reliable service. 

Specifically, we use cookies to ensure the effective delivery of our website content and online services and in order to optimise your user experience. Our website offers the opportunity to subscribe to newsletters and email correspondence, cookies may be used to remember if you are already registered and to ensure the effective function of this service. In addition, we also use cookies across forms and surveys to remember user details and improve the ease of use throughout our website and services. 

Once more, in order to provide you with a great experience on this site we provide the functionality to set your preferences for how this website and our services run when in use by you. In order to remember your preferences we need to set cookies so that this information can be referenced when you use such areas of our website and services. 

Third Party Cookies. In some cases we also use cookies provided by trusted third parties. The following section details which third party cookies you might encounter through this site. Our services use Google Analytics, a world-leading analytics solution to help us understand how users use our services and ways in which we can improve your experience and the delivery of our services. These cookies track things such as how long you spend on the site and the pages you visited so we can continue to provide engaging and relevant content. All data collected through the use of Google Analytics and the respective cookies is completely anonymous and will not be able to identify you or any users personally. For more information on Google Analytics cookies, see the official Google Analytics page. 

We also use a number of additional third party analytics platforms to both improve your user experience and allow us to monitor our services. Wherever analytics tools are used, we ensure any data collected is wholly anonymous and does not at any point risk your privacy rights. From time to time we introduce and test new features and changes to the way our website and services are delivered. At these times cookies may be used to ensure you receive a consistent experience and to ensure we understand which optimisations are delivering a positive improvement. 

We also use social media buttons and plugins throughout our services that allow you to connect with your social networks in various ways. For these to work the following social media sites including; Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube, may set cookies through our site which may be used to enhance your profile on their site or contribute to the data they hold for various purposes outlined in their respective privacy policies. 

By continuing to use our websites, platforms and/or services you agree to our use of cookies and our Cookie Policy. If you require further information regarding our use of cookies or this policy you can contact us by email at [email protected] 

Effective Date:  November 1, 2021